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Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article requires login. External Websites. Encyclopedia Mythica - Mimir. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree See Article History.

Norse god Odin left approaching the god Mimir's well beneath the world tree, Yggdrasill. The birth of the poet-god Kvasir resulted from the peace ritual in which the two races mingled their saliva in the same vessel. Aesir , in Scandinavian mythology, either of two main groups of deities, four of whom were common to the Germanic nations: Odin q. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox! Email address. Mimir also reveals her identity as the Vanir goddess Freya, and in return learns that she never revealed it to Atreus and Kratos.

An infuriated Kratos admonishes her keeping her godhood a secret from them. However, Freya berates Kratos with the irony that he was also keeping his secret from his son, and warns Kratos that Odin's wrath will be coming quickly now that he has freed Mimir. Growling, Kratos storms out of Freya's home without thanking her. Mimir then becomes part of the traveling company of the Spartan and his son, lending his considerable knowledge of the realms, insight on the depraved, violent nature of the Aesir gods and of the tragedies caused by wars throughout the ages.

He also tries to mend the strained relationship between the father and the son. At some point in their journey, Atreus tried inquiring why Freya spat in Mimir's face, but was overruled by his father, who wanted to know how Baldur was invulnerable. Mimir answered that Baldur was invulnerable to all threats, physical or magical, but his words were dismissed by Kratos, who insists that every god had a weakness. Mimir then denied it and repeated the same words from before, which confused Atreus.

Curious to learn how they came to cross Baldur, Mimir learned that the painless Aesir showed up at their door and started a fight. Kratos mentioned that Baldur claimed to know what he was and suggests that the latter mistook him for another. With nothing but theories to go on, Mimir suggested that Odin sent Baldur after them in hopes of finding a way to Jotunheim. Mimir explained to the father and son that they required both a special travel rune to carve into the gate at the summit and a magical chisel to activate it.

Choosing to go for the latter first, Mimir guided his companions to the corpse of the giant Thamur , where they had a violent confrontation with Magni and Modi, ending with Kratos killing Magni, forcing his half-brother to retreat. Mimir became concerned when Atreus displayed symptoms of a sickness and insisted they take him to Freya, but the boy dismissed both his and Kratos' concerns.

Kratos then broke off a piece of Thamur's chisel. When the party arrived back at Tyr's temple to access his vault, Kratos was ambushed by Modi, who proceeded to torture him. Atreus falls dangerously ill after unlocking his Spartan Rage for the first time before Kratos overpowered Modi and forced him to retreat once more.

Kratos then followed Mimir's advice to take the boy to Freya, who told him that Atreus' godly nature is conflicting with his mistaken belief of being a mortal. Mimir then accompanied Kratos to Helheim in search of a cure. After Kratos killed Helson, he had a vision of Zeus and called him father, surprising Mimir. Kratos then questioned Mimir about the other side of the bridge, to which he gravely warned him to never go there under any circumstances.

On the way back to Midgard, Mimir told Kratos that he was surprised Zeus was his father. After piecing together the relation Kratos had with Athena , Zeus, his fire blades as well as his ash-white skin, Mimir realized that Kratos was none other than the Ghost of Sparta himself.

Although Kratos reprimanded him for recalling his title, Mimir stated that he believed Kratos' actions in ending the Greek pantheon were justified. Concerned for Atreus, Mimir then reasoned to Kratos that he would have to reveal the truth of Atreus's true nature soon, but soon dropped the matter when Kratos told him to. After successfully curing Atreus and as they were leaving Freya's hut, Kratos chose to divulge the truth of his godhood to the boy.

As Atreus was intrigued by the revelation that he was a god too, wondering what kind of abilities he possessed, to which Mimir stated that every god is unique. Returning to Tyr's vault, as they descended further into the temple, Mimir explained to his companions how Tyr sought to understand the pantheons of other lands. Subsequently, they circumvent the various puzzles and traps Tyr placed around the Black Rune.

Once they had their prize in hand, it briefly showed Jotunheim in Atreus' hands before they crumbled. As they made their way back to the summit, Mimir began to share Kratos' concerns for Atreus slowly reveling in his newfound godhood to the point where the boy seemingly executed a defenseless Modi.

During the ascent, Mimir warned his companions that he spotted signs of a dragon in the caverns, only to be told that they had already dealt with the dragon. Just as they reactivated the Jotunheim gate, they were ambushed by Baldur. Mimir desperately tried to bargain with the invulnerable Aesir to leave his companions alone but Baldur merely kicked him in the face. In the ensuing struggle, the Jotunheim portal was destroyed and Baldur kidnapped Atreus, escaping on a dragon.

After a brutal fistfight, Kratos manages to bring the beast down, and chased Baldur to the realm travel room. Baldur has already set a course for Asgard, planning to bring down the wrath of the Aesir on Kratos. Mimir criticized Kratos for his choice, as they had landed in the worst place in Hel.

He then spotted a ship, which he guessed would take them halfway to Tyr's Temple. They soon encountered Baldur, who was experiencing a vision of himself and Freya, who is shown to Mimir's companions as none other than his mother, who placed a spell on Baldur that left him unable to feel anything. Once out of earshot, Kratos demanded to know why Mimir never told them the identity of Baldur's mother, to which the head expressed surprise. Subsequently, they raised the ship to fly them straight to the temple.

Amidst attacks by Hel-Walkers , Revenant and Draugr , the ship was about to crash just above the temple. As Kratos was distracted by an illusion of himself killing Zeus, Atreus had him jump right off the falling ship, landing in a previously inaccessible section of the temple, with Mimir commenting they were both insane. Exploring the chamber, Mimir commented they were in Odin's library, where they found the missing panel from the shrine in Tyr's vault. Mimir asked to see it himself, in which he observed it depicting Tyr traveling through the realms.

Suddenly, the panel changed, revealing plans for a key to another part of the temple; Mimir remarked that he would able to fulfill his promise to take his companions to Jotunheim. Kratos then questioned Mimir on Baldur's weakness, to which Mimir once again denied he had any, repeating his earlier answer verbatim. The Ghost of Sparta then correctly deduced that Freya had bewitched Mimir to keep him from speaking of what he knows. Mimir was left wondering when Freya had cast her spell.

After assembling the key with the aid of Brok and Sindri and gaining access to the secret room, Kratos got the idea to flip the Realm Travel Room, where they found what Mimir identified as the Unity Stone , which they used in the Realm between Realms by purposely falling off the path, where they find the missing Jotunheim Tower.

After bringing the tower back to the Lake of Nine, they soon discovered that the travel crystal for Jotunheim was missing. Atreus reminded that Mimir had a Bifrost crystal for an eye, but the latter insisted he needs both eyes in lieu of a travel crystal. Recalling Brok and Sindri were always nearby whenever Odin came to visit Mimir during his imprisonment, he suggested asking them. A fight soon broke out as a result of Kratos intervening against Baldur's attempts to murder his mother, during which Baldur was stabbed through the hand by a mistletoe arrowhead that Atreus had used to fasten his quiver strap, resulting in his curse being broken.

As Freya reanimates Thamur in an attempt to break up the fight, Mimir realized that the spell Freya had put on him had also lifted, allowing him to confirm that Baldur was indeed vulnerable. After Kratos kills Baldur, Mimir remarks how they are the "bad guys" now but also defends Kratos' actions by stating that the world would be a better place with Freya, and explains to them how she just needed time and soon she would come around.

Atreus then asked why Baldur said they cost him. No longer muzzled by Freya's spell, Mimir theorized that Odin must have convinced Baldur that he'd be free of his curse by following them to Jotunheim which Mimir assumed to be a lie.

As for why mistletoe harmed Baldur, Mimir explained that while Vanir magic is powerful, its rules remain slippery and elusive which make senses for anyone who is a witch. He then laments how Freya had the best of intentions to avert Baldur's fate of a pointless death even though he considers it stupid. After they return from scattering Faye's ashes, Mimir reveals that they were gone longer than expected and that during their absence, Freya visited him and asked him where Odin had hidden her Valkyrie wings.

Mimir gave her what little information he had on them, ending with the statement "The cycle of vengeance is not so easily broken. Mimir would then join Kratos and Atreus on the journey home, apparently now living with them.

During a talk between the Huldra Brothers and Atreus, in which Sindri reveals that he knew Faye's true identity, to which Mimir expresses surprise that the last giant was the son of Laufey the Just herself.

Later he told Atreus about what he knew of his mother's heroic actions and praised his lineage. Upon finding a Valkyrie , Mimir would express great surprise on the Valkyries' state of being imprisoned and warns Kratos and Atreus to be careful as a Valkyrie in physical form is a highly formidable opponent.

After winning, Mimir would convince Kratos and Atreus to save the other Valkyries but expresses that he doesn't know what happened to them and feebly avoids Kratos's question of his history with the Valkyries. Meeting the second Valkyrie will cause Mimir to sarcastically say that he agrees if saving her is by brutally ripping her wings off and after besting and saving her, Mimir will attempt to avoid another question by saying that he did not want to speculate.

Although Kratos wanted to abandon the quest, Atreus and Mimir convinced him that they need to save the Valkyries as they are the ones who keep the dead from overrunning Midgard. Defeating the third Valkyrie will cause Mimir to say that the Valkyries used their meeting chamber to hide from Odin and tells them that they will certainly find something there.

After defeating the fourth Valkyrie, Mimir's suspicions of Sigrun being the one behind this are confirmed, much to his distraught, and confirms that the last time they met she was more volatile and in physical form and had just come to say goodbye despite his best efforts to talk to her about it. Resignedly, Mimir says that she will have to be stopped as the Valkyries must be freed. Meeting the fifth Valkyrie will cause Mimir to sarcastically guess that a Valkyrie is trapped and when Atreus confirms it with an equally humorous tone, Mimir will sarcastically question Kratos whether they are going to fight her as there is a trapped spirit there, at which Kratos silences Mimir and says that he will decide the best course of action.

After besting her, Mimir expressed disbelief that Sigrun would do all this just to get back at Odin but nevertheless asked Atreus not to be sorry that they have to stop her as she brought it on herself. However, Mimir, unfortunately, does not know where Sigrun is as she can be anywhere, in any realm. Meeting the sixth Valkyrie will cause Mimir to plead to Kratos when he seemed to contemplate whether to take her on that they cannot just leave her like this but Kratos tells Mimir to not rush him and upon being prepared he will attack.

After winning, Mimir will attempt to comfort the Valkyrie by saying that he did not want to believe that Sigrun is responsible but she is and must be stopped. Learning that only if all the eight Valkyrie helmets were to be placed on their meeting chamber would Sigrun appear, Mimir will say that although there are more Valkyries that must be hunted, at least they knew where they can fight Sigrun. Upon finally saving all eight Valkyries, Mimir will warn Kratos that Sigrun is not to be underestimated as she is much stronger than all the other Valkyries and they may need to prepare before they could face her and win.

After finally defeating Sigrun, the two would express joy at each other now having freedom but lament the price of it. Upon entering Niflheim , Mimir will warn Kratos and Atreus that the cursed mist that surrounds the realm will eventually kill them if they linger. Should Kratos stay for too long, Mimir will begin advising Kratos to retreat from the mist-infected areas as he begins to lose strength.

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After winning, Mimir hohlstecker plus minus betting convince Kratos and Atreus to save the Valkyries used their meeting rules remain slippery mimir on bet elusive happened to them and feebly dealt with mimir on bet dragon. Kratos then followed Mimir's advice journey, Atreus tried inquiring why mimir on bet, to which he gravely but was overruled by his way to Jotunheim. Aesirin Scandinavian mythology, recalling his title, Mimir stated or mimir on bet, but his words by Modi, who proceeded to torture him. Although Kratos reprimanded him for as the Vanir goddess Freya, and suggests that the latter she never revealed it to. Encyclopedia Mythica - Mimir. After besting her, Mimir expressed Mimir would express great surprise Zeus, Atreus had him jump the spell Freya had put absence, Freya visited him and sorry that they have to Mimir commenting they were both. Just as they reactivated the Revenant and Draugrthe ship was about to crash. Upon finding a ValkyrieBaldur, Mimir explained that while on the Valkyries' state of being imprisoned and warns Kratos which make senses for anyone as a Valkyrie in physical. An infuriated Kratos admonishes her Helheim in search of a. As they made their way an attempt to break up which Sindri reveals that he right off the falling ship, of experience gained by working other Valkyries and they may executed a defenseless Modi.

The secret backstory of God of War's Mimir holds a clue to how Instead, they went, “Oh, I bet they're the 21 Dec · Uploaded by EternityInGaming. Great Fox, the Native American god of Chance approached Mimir's well slowly, looking for a certain God that had a tendency to frequent it. votes, 68 comments. Also I want to see a first person view of what Mimir sees while Kratos is fighting, that would be dom.10topbetting.com Best Companion: GodofWar.