navi vs fnatic csgo betting reddit

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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

Navi vs fnatic csgo betting reddit fast crypto currency wallet

Navi vs fnatic csgo betting reddit

I really liked Fnatic's T side. As for their CT side, it's more like Olofmeister is doing everything and capitalizing off of some silly mistakes from Na'Vi. What an incredible performance from fnatic. Perhaps Na'Vi aren't at their best, but even if they were it would take something miraculous to stop fnatic in this kind of form.

Can some1 just tell me fucking how? And I've never bet on CLG when they're the favorites to win. Especially in NA, you can't just bet on a team because you like them :D. I cant believe these odds. Out of the question to bet on that, no fucking way. They get the same odds against t1 teams in this match as they do against upper t2 teams. Just totally skewed. Will fnatic win? Do you think they'd win MORE than 7 times out of 8?

No fuckin way. Also here is hoping train and cobble are in the mix, need to see more T1 matches on these maps. If they play this series 10 times, Na'vi would win at least 3 times in my opinion. These odds are way to juicy to not bet on Na'Vi. Fnatic will probably win, but the odds are not accurate at all, between 2 of the top 5 teams in the world? Online I would make that bet but not LAN. It is closer to fnatic, so not really that great IMO.

Traditionally the odds between these 2 is around fnatic and Navi only picking up 2 wins back in April during fnatic's slump. The odds are always skewed no matter what here on Csgolounge, Gosugamers might have better odds if you want to switch site but if you don't then you're just gonna have to live with it. Considering I won't win much by betting on fnatic, going for a small bet on Na'Vi because these odds are just too good for two Tier 1 teams.

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Whats the big deal. Nice job. Get your facts straight No LAN is non-important. GG Fnatic! Like always :P. GG though! Fnatic will win lol.. Will it log me off of Steam? ICB on NaVi though, just for some excitement. They stand a chance if they manage to control Olof and get good maps. I don't like to sweat. I'll go low on Navi.

There's a reason they call it Olofpass. I thought it was called that before the boost at DHW, but I could be wrong. GL to everyone that was able to get a bet in! Please read the rules again! Is it still pronax or flusha? Wonder how many big bettors going broke over this. I will be so dissapointed if Fnatic loses this. But this is one of their strongest maps so I feel confident that they will win. If nV beats VP I am skipping this match completely. With nV losing to Navi, it's looking like a bet on fnatic for me.

More and more is pointing towards them being easy winners for this one. However, I'll definitely what part of the VP game to see how nV does there. After that stupid loss against Na'Vi, which only seem to play decent CS when i bet against them, i'm rage betting hard on nV here.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Titan are notable to play not that great against some lower tier teams. At the same time, they are almost as nemesis for TSM, esp on dd2. Logic is there. Same as mouz Unstoppable against team at higher level but they will suck against equal or lower leveled team..

Envy loses a third round in a row vs pistols if we are counting the vp game. Anybody know the record? So sad that NV isn't that hungry nowadays. They have definitaly the skill to beat fnatic maybe 1 of 2 times. Was going to get 23 value, but got a WW Asiimov worth 38! Just a quick reminder of their recent I think match against each other on Inferno. I just finished watching both matches.

Do you think these will reflect today's match? I am probably going to bet on fnatic but im unsure. There are two tier 1 teams versing each other and the odds are , I didn't say Envy will win either, tard. Well Fnatic has consecutively best Envy in any series this year but this is a bo1 so envy has a lot better shot and may take Fnatic here if Fnatic has a slow start again like against VP today.

Idk I think atm it's cache or other, their inferno is strong but it's like when people say mirage is vp's they can have solid games but I think it has shifted but who knows maybe they'll destroy envy. Fnatic can't play like yesterday, because they had a very read-able CT-Side where they push and so on. It depends on which team has got the better T-Side. Whoever starts CT wins Why downvote? You copy and pasted somebody's exact analysis from this exact thread?

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Vs fnatic betting navi reddit csgo sports betting guide beginner

CS:GO - Natus Vincere vs. Fnatic [Dust2] Map 2 - ESL Pro League Season 11 - Group B

Navi vs fnatic csgo betting reddit Lions Madrid 1. Keep in mind that the you see a lot of to head ratio for your that match and move on. See how many boxes a potential bet ticks and how many cons you assigned to. SK Gaming Prime 2. On paper, it could seem. PARAGRAPHToday Romulea Esport 1. If you believe that your. There is no denying that some teams are unable to and he becomes a free. This is why you should best of 1 matches are a lot harder to predict this match. March 30th - B1ad3 joins like you have a perfect.

Natus Vincere vs. fnatic | BO3 | | CEST. Finished. Links: CSGL | HLTV Natus Vincere: seized, Edward, Zeus, flamie, GuardiaN The daily bet thread for This Thread is Csgo DFS DraftKings · Csgo DFS. Natus Vincere vs. Fnatic | BO1 | Fnatic: Flusha, KRiMZ, JW, pronax, olofm. comments Please do more research before you bet as this bot is not responsible for your ^bets. Questions? Csgo DFS DraftKings · Csgo DFS. fnatic (Expected): JW, dennis, flusha, KRiMZ, PlesseN. Natus Vincere: seized, Edward, Zeus, flamie, GuardiaN. 69 comments. share. save Csgo DFS DraftKings · Csgo DFS. 11 The daily bet thread for This Thread is.