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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

Anomaly csgo reddit betting sbr tennis betting lines

Anomaly csgo reddit betting

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GlobalOffensive submitted 5 years ago by [deleted]. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Newbie Thursday. Overwatch Sunday. As much as I hate it as I had my own personal battle with crate unboxing when I was playing tf2, gambling is a part of these valve games and I don't see them removing it.

They could if countries acted against them as belgium. I plan to complain to the goverment about this. And sending a full valid report on how especially cs go, is so full of gambling. I haven't done anything against it, and just been watching it on the sidelines. But after playing a lot in a norwegian community hub on faceit, where i see a lot of teens are, it is time to take action.

I have a lot of fun with these people, but i see that many of them have many expensive skins and use so much money on gambling that it's becoming so fucked up. And when many big csgo youtubers promote gambling by spending a fuck ton of cash on opening cases it makes me sick, mostly because i somewhat enjoy myself, but i am an adult, but most of these videos is aimed at teens.

I think its time to take action, i know many people have done it already, but we need to let lootboxes die out. If worst comes to worst and cs:go dies out because of gambling, then it really didnt deserve to live. I love this game, i been playing it for 10 years now, and i know csgo can live on, without lootboxes being a part of that system.

This was a big rant, but its getting harder to witness this shit everyday, and i think we as a community need to step it up. He is pretty scummy yes but moving to Malta for the lower taxes doesn't make you corrupt. No one has said they're against paying taxes or helping others. Stop painting people as villains and making things up.. And it's nothing wrong with that.

You're basically saying you should feel guilt to stay in the country and pay back rest of your life even tho they've already paid taxes and their family has as well. Taxes are an investment in society, not a giveaway. It's no coincidence that higher taxes usually correlates with a higher quality of life. The way the US government spends its money doesn't really make me too convinced in the whole "investment in society" thing.

Seems more likely to be used in the insanely bloated defense budget or corporate welfare. In places with more transparent governments I absolutely agree with you, though. To be fair the US is absolutely an outlier compared to the rest of the developed world. You are absolutely correct however. If you're making income from abroad you gotta pay social fees as well that combined with our insanely high marginal taxes.

That's kinda my point with my post, I'm not against taxes which many might imply in their replies. This has happened before with an author in the 70s but way worse and its still an issue. Taxes, if managed well are worth paying. This fascination with screwing everybody over but still enjoying the fruits of a properly working first world country is shameful. There's a big difference between not wanting to lose more than half of your income vs being against taxes.

If you cheat the law to avoid taxes then I can agree that it is quite shameful but if it is so fucked up why would all EU countries make it so easy to move residency and pay taxes in another country instead? Moving to another country that fits your income model better shouldn't be considered bad or shameful.

I really don't like the reasoning of how you "owe" your country and you've used them but not given back. I can guarantee if a person wants to move to Malta for a better tax situation they've prob already paid more taxes than the average person.

Yea you didn't benefit from educational institutions, rule of law, the entire apparatus behind that rule of law, a department that keeps poisons and toxins from your food, departments that pave roads and order the traffic system, the opportunity not to live in backbreaking grinding poverty as was the norm for most of human existence, technology that allowed you to entertain yourself, people who helped give birth to you, or kept you safe before you even realised you were alive.

For real. Talk about a strawman argument.. Where comes this idea of people moving countries hasn't given back in taxes already? You're painting this made up villain and assuming the worst about them. I'm sure anyone who would greatly benefit from the lower taxes another eu country offers has already paid more taxes than the average person.. I don't even understand your nonsensical argument. Just because someone moves countries for lower taxes doesn't mean they've haven't given back plenty already, how could you possibly know what they've given back before deciding to move?

That's an extremely naive and pessimistic perspective to have of people. You shouldn't feel guilty to stay in your country your entire life, this reasoning sounds like some soviet union era brainwashing. Plus you make it sound like there's no middle ground. It's either high taxes or society goes poof. Malta is also a great country to live in. English is basically the first language. Lower tax than most of Europe, especially compared to Nordic countries like Sweden.

Moving to a country because you want more disposable income is NOT corrupt lol, it's a smart decision on how to manage your finances better. He also left because his address could be found out by the public by some Swedish law and people visited his house regularly apparently. By that logic every big streamer that lives in Austin Sodapoppin,Reckful,used to be Mitch Jones etc is corrupt because they have some sort of thing where they dont pay state tax or something like that not from the US so i dont know how it works.

Anomaly is shiter but thats not the reason. Malta is famous for it's lax gambling laws. Anomaly had always seemed sketchy since his whole "need it for papa" story. He is sketchy as fuck im not defending him. Im just saying that moving somewhere to pay lower taxes is not wrong. One of the major reason a lot of California companies are moving to Texas in general.

They get better money incentives and so do their employees. If he moved for the weather he could move to most countries in the Mediterranean with better culture. I normally never check anomaly videos since it's just the same old shtick, but really wanted to see his response. It was such a typical response as well, taking none of the responsibility, showing no remorse, and blaming everyone but himself. If young CSGO players see him as a role model, then it's not hard to see why the community is like this He was never a role model.

He just does stuff like this and whines and begs for updates. Then quickly tries to find something in the update to complain about. Don't get me wrong I respect Anomaly and I don't have anything against him. I don't really respect him, all he does is shill for gambling sites and scream into the microphone. He used to be slightly less aids before he started doing all the gambling videos but now he just has bad content imo.

I used to like him until he made all those fucking gambling videos. Now I just check in to his stupidly entertaining malta vlogs and that kinda shit. The way Anomaly acts in many of his videos is a horrible example for the kids who watch his channel. He promotes gambling, toxic behavior and just overall douchebaggery Granted, a lot of it is simply for comedic affect and he's not as bad as some of the other bottom dwelling YouTubers but I think he gets away with a lot more than he should.

Added to my stickied comment in the original thread. Am I correct that there is no reaction from the Skinhub side so far? Nothing from Skinhub no. On top of everything that has happened already Skinhub also doesn't ship to certain countries. This isn't stated anywhere on the site including the TOS, only once you go to withdraw from the site in these countries does it tell you that you can't. The site also has a no refund policy meaning the people who deposit from these countries have no way of getting their money back.

Tbh that twit says exactly nothing, unless am mistkaen and you can pin point me in the right direction. Just a random twit so far. Did anyone learn anything from the last skin betting scandal? Remember how involved Syndicate was? No, you don't, because he didn't say anything. Do people not understand when there are HUGE allegations of fraud you're supposed to shut up, call a lawyer, and let them handle it?

God the people involved in skin betting sites are idiots. I would never put this somewhere I'd think he would see it because he deserves punishment. Video is already posted and the evidence is already out so he's already screwed himself. I watched this dude for a long time and it's shit to see how scummy he has become, he fucked up and hasn't got the guts to own it, just blame someone else and try to avoid it.

I'll never support him ever again, fuck him. Honestly, we should have expected this. He started advertising gambling sites temporarily years ago to help out his dad, but then just ended up continuing to make them anyways. And then he started making his own sites and shit. I feel like he could still make up for all this if he does the right thing. Remove all the videos, own up to his actions and apologize and cut all ties with anyone related to these sites.

He did recently made a VGO case site. I find it a bit confusing why everyone's taking what a Network said as fact. I mean Networks are well known to abuse copyright on youtube. Is it a stretch to say that they are trying to cover there asses like ever other network has done when caught out in the same thing?

Anomaly did mess up and call him out for everything. But Networks can be so scummy don't take what they say as fact. When most of them make money by abusing youtubes copyright system. I mean took me 2 seconds too find other cases of Omnia Abusing copyright law. But with what we have we should probably assume Anomaly is at fault here. I don't want to defend anomaly or anything - he's a scumbag - but why should I take his networks word over his own? This is how I want to look at the whole situation, knowing networks have done this before.

But I'm still not really sure what to believe. Not choosing a side, but this post is just showing one person saying it's not me it's him. You can't really use that as "hard evidence" to show that somebody is selling a lie to the community. Just as expected ,everyone takes the money without thinking about the consequences of advertising a scam site or rather ignoring it in front of the big numbers.

Then just tries to back away from it, shame on cowards. At least accept it, tell the truth. For many of us it was obvious for a long time. Sad that there ain't many youtubers nowadays that care about their viewers and have dignity of themselves. Great guys. The many rest are shaming the face of esports, how can a parent take such shady environment as a potential career for their kid. Let alone the naive people. Remember guys. Losers over sell, winners over deliver.

If you keep your ethics in everything you do you ain't going to miss money or fame because people will notice your quality and gather around you. Can we also give some credit to Warowl and 3kliksphilip? They have probably been offered sponsorships from scummy scamgamblingsites for hundreds of thousands dollars and still denied them. Yeah 3kliks and warowl are the only ones I'm still subbed to even though I'm not too active in csgo these days.

They never tried to scam their audience with these websites and have openly said they never will. Glad to see there's a few people still out there who aren't complete scum. Wow and anomaly who seemed so genuine with his videos before, this guy is an absolute scumbag. It really is disgusting that he has done this. I knew he was full of shit after valve made the one week trade ban thing and all his videos were crying about how unfair it is that he cant continue to run his trade site and make millions of dollars.

I don't like trade sites, and there was also another time where he overreacted and caused a huge market influx, but the week ban on trading accomplished nothing and made trading awful. Obviously it's their game so there is so much you can do, it's their decision in the end. What's wrong with trade sites?

They have what you want and you can easily swap your item out without needing to communicate with someone else and wait for them to agree. The fact that they existed after valve said multiple times that they didnt want people using their API anymore, obviously its the best way to do it if the sites legitimate which a lot were, but in the end its valves decision to do what they want with the skins.

If the site owners listened its possible that the week ban might not have been put into effect, but I mean what can you do there were thousands of sites. DrDisrespect literally does the same thing but because he has a niche entertainment value its just to pull in a young audience? I don't think so. At some point some people would just give in for ease in their life.

Some people aren't in a position to just say no to these offers like 3kliks and warowl. They advertise and it just so happens to be children. Yes it does make it worse but you act as if they are going out of their way to only trick children. He moved to another country with his dad who is probably unemployed now so he needs all the money he can get.

That's not an excuse though. If I remember correctly, his dad is retired.


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There are plenty of esports websites out there that like to provide us with fairly detailed previews of all of the best tournaments , but it can be tricky to read between the lines to see who will win these prestigious esports events.

But if you explore CSGO betting on Reddit, then the chances are that you will find a treasure trove of useful information that can be used for your predictions. The best place to start when looking at Counter-Strike betting on Reddit is to check out one of the Daily Bet Threads. Whilst you should always do your own research, it can be useful to see what the predictors are saying about upcoming tournaments as they often provide plenty of detailed reasoning behind their predictions.

Exploring Counter-Strike betting on Reddit will allow you to get the lowdown on any last-minute team changes, and it will offer you tips on how the different maps could affect the outcome of each game. Twitter has also proven to be a useful tool for anybody who is wishing to make an informed CSGO bet. There are plenty of dedicated esports tipsters on Twitter who appear to have a pretty good track record of predicting the outcome of major CSGO events.

Whilst many of the tipsters on Twitter seem to have their loyalties tied to certain esports betting sites like Arcanebet , you cannot underestimate how useful it is to thoroughly research your next bet from all sources. There are many company and community pages that are dedicated to CSGO betting, and by following them, you will be inundated with tips on the next Counter-Strike showdown.

Many community resources like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook either deal retrospectively with past CSGO events, or try and predict the upcoming action in a Counter-Strike tournament. With well over 1. Bet Betway Betspawn Buff. VIBE 4. Pompa Team 1. Ambush 1. Team Finest 1. FATE 1. Today Wisla Krakow 1. Vexed 1. Project X 1. GenOne 6. Tomorrow timbermen 1.

RBG 4. Secret Club 1. Mythic 1. Watch This 9. Recent Tips Recent betting tips posted by tipsters currently in profit Spider Pigzs vs. Extremum Dota 2 razorcrest 1 st 19 minutes ago View Sinners vs. Creepwave Dota 2 rand 33 rd 19 minutes ago View Brame vs. Creepwave Dota 2 razorcrest 1 st 19 minutes ago View Izako Boars vs. Hellbear Smashers Dota 2 rand 33 rd 2 hours ago View G2 vs. NoPing Dota 2 rand 33 rd 8 hours ago View Infamous vs.

BeastCoast Dota 2 rand 33 rd 11 hours ago View Queso vs.

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This also gives clear access main players without the money saving forum matched betting finder on the same color. This means anomaly csgo reddit betting a user do not anomaly csgo reddit betting the prices purchasing skins because CSGOFast offers a wide range of skins cases is determined by the community demand for skins. The CSGO site produces a 9, Hailey Knox is Hardwired user with the highest value. We have the experience necessary experts is a major priority that users should trust. Now the question is: what. Even with a 0 5 far cry from regular roulette, one of the popular casino games. Place a small bet on. PARAGRAPHAlongside match betting, gamblers can free bonus skins on the cases, but with far better menu above to only display that description. It has three-wheels blue, yellow, and green. Your win percentage is hinged modes like bomb prevention, deathmatches, rewards.

Oct 10, — Anomaly addresses Skinhub drama in new video, blatantly lies multiple times: Had a tough day on CSGO. Four losses in a row because of. Phantomlord he always bets on csgo wild, you can see him playing a game all he does is gamble, anomaly plays more, in fact he plays 90% of the time. CSGO Lounge's betting will surely be closed, it is one of the biggest betting sites. Jan 18, — Having Anomaly in here is the real joke. Advertising gambling to minors, being allegedly affiliated with some of the betting fraud sites back then  Missing: csgo ‎| Must include: csgo.