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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

Rocket league betting the rules of sports betting

Rocket league betting

This is the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament where pros get a chance to show off their skill and compete for fame, glory, and bragging rights that come with being the 1 Rocket League team in the world. Naturally, this makes for a great environment to bet on Rocket League matches, so definitely keep an eye out for the RLCS Finals markets.

Third-party tournaments are a bit harder to categorize. Many of them are local competitions with minor prize pools and relatively unknown participants, so they present little interest to gamblers and Rocket League betting sites. However, every rule has exceptions.

Some tournament organizers go above and beyond to create grand spectacles for the audience, so you can run into third-party events with higher stakes and better production value than the RLCS. Rocket League is still a newcomer in the realm of competitive gaming. And many bookmakers are hesitant to add it to their esports coverage. Fortunately, there is a handful of Rocket League betting sites that are willing to take the chance.

The best example is Betway esports. Last but not least, we have Thunderpick. This platform stands out from other providers by implementing a pool betting system that allows gamblers to bet against each other instead of betting against the bookmaker. An alternative to traditional money betting is Rocket League fantasy.

The rules of fantasy esports are straightforward, and with a little bit of research and the right platform, anyone can have a lot of fun in a competitive environment. Rocket League fantasy allows you to compete against your friends, by creating your own League and having them join in. Winners are decided at the end of the season, based on the total number of points earned.

The alternative is to compete against strangers in large scale fantasy tournaments, such as those organized by DraftKings. Of course, selecting a good betting site is only half the battle. With that, most Rocket League markets will come down to match-winner and tournament winner wagers, so you need to know how to navigate these if you want to be a consistent winner. Speaking of which….

Well, not exactly. With that, we decided to prepare 3 tips that will help you find success at Rocket League betting sites! Do your homework. Rocket League is a complex game. And if you want to make accurate predictions, you need to understand how these work. You can also turn to resources like Reddit or sites like RLTracker. Manage your bankroll. At times like these, you need to remember the golden rules of bankroll management. Refine your strategy.

Whenever you resolve a Rocket League bet, take a step back and reevaluate your decision-making. Did you do your research or did you act on instinct? Did you make a logical call or did you simply bet on your favorite team? Rocket League betting has become popular in the esports betting industry because of the quick match length. Each match lasts only five minutes. Rocket League combines the thrill of the game of soccer, with each round not having to drag on for hours.

Each game is about four times shorter and faster than a regular game of soccer — making it more irresistible to betting enthusiasts. The attractive gameplay of Rocket League has taken over the hearts of a lot of gamers. With the increased popularity and unique concept of the game, Rocket League has found its way in the esports world — and it has taken it by storm. In fact, Rocket League is widely popular as an esports game due to its highly competitive nature.

No wonder that this game is also up for esports betting. Each round takes only 5 minutes, and teams will have to get two to four winning rounds to be declared as the winner. The fast matches make it easier for bettors to follow each game. Otherwise, you will be risking your security and hard-earned money for fraudulent gambling sites. As with any form of gambling, esports betting is prone to potential risks and security breaches.

This is especially true since there are no concrete regulations and standards for esports and esports betting. We have mentioned above the best betting sites for Rocket League that you can use for your reference. Each Rocket League betting site indicated is considered legit. There is a number of esports betting sites offering markets for Rocket League tournaments. There are four possible types of markets available when betting on Rocket League that bettors can choose from.

These betting markets include match winners markets, handicap markets, futures or outright winners markets, and betting specials markets. The match winners market is the most popular and easiest type of betting market for Rocket League.

In this type, bettors will have to choose which of the two participating teams will win the match. Betting operators will give the odds of each team to win. This will be the basis of bettors as to which team they will put their money on. The handicap market is basically the same as the match winner market, with only one difference — a starting advantage is given to one of the two teams competing.

In this market, the team who gets the advantage will have increased chances of victory — leading to a decrease in odds. In the futures or outright winners market, the bettors will give their prediction on which team will win on a specific tournament before it starts. Lastly, the score or result of each round will be predicted in the specials market. This creative spin on one of the most loved real-life sport of soccer, or football, makes Rocket League stand out in the wide array of esports games.

Some may find the idea of cars playing soccer a bit silly. But this silliness of Rocket League has given the game a bit of charm to entice gamers to try it. League of Legends? Dota 2? Here are some of the most popular games that people bet on:. Esports betting is a complex market. There are many things you need to understand — from the video game itself to the players to the process of betting with a site, it is a busy and massive industry.

It has its vulnerabilities and its shields. In a way though, it is far different than any other industry. Once upon a time, video games were just games. Who knew that games would give birth to a whole new sport, and a whole new form of gambling? Who knew that you could profit off magic spells and fictional characters? About esports only. Your Best Esports Betting Guide. While placing bets online can be rewarding in many ways, too much gambling can negatively affect not only you but others around you.

If you feel you might have a gambling problem, own up to it and take control before it gets worse. Get to know more about responsible gaming in the UK on GambleAware. Our Games:. Rocket League Betting.


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As an esport, Rocket League has experienced some of the most explosive growth of any title, ever. What has taken some games two decades to achieve, Rocket League has accomplished in just around half of that. With its popularity and the number of big organizations in the first division, betting on the Rocket League Championship Series has proliferated alongside the franchise itself.

With that being said, Rocket League betting is getting to a more sustainable point and is popping up on more sportsbook spreads year after year. In Rocket League, the match winner is the team that wins a series between the two teams. The first-goal market allows bettors to wager on the first goal scored in a match in Rocket League.

If you know the teams and players well, you might be able to leverage this market to make an informed bet and score some good money from aggressive players. When it comes to betting, finding the right bookmaker is essential to the entire process. First off, do your research! Player transfers, up-and-coming teams and trends can give a bettor some solid information when it comes to laying down a wager on Rocket League, so make sure to utilize all the tools at your disposal. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only.

Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team.

Of course, expect plenty of smaller online and LAN tournaments for 1v1 and 3v3 play outside of the highest level of Rocket League professional play! International competitions like the Rocket League Championship Series are still relatively rare, with regional competition offering the most betting opportunities. It will be interesting to see if any particular region gains an edge over its rivals as the game continues to develop. The top six teams in NA and EU will make it to their regional finals, while the smaller Oceanic region takes the top four teams.

League play provides ample opportunities for analysis, as you can see how a team plays against different calibres of opposition. Keep in mind recent form and rocket-paper-scissors-style advantages when placing your bets, in order to find situations where underdog teams are able to play above their level and take out a higher-ranked opponent. If your predictions work well during league play, you can seek greater payouts in the regional and world finals.

Makes sense, right? Rocket League has become the leading esports game of its category since its release in , and sees many competitive tournaments played throughout the year. If you like to take a long look at the numbers, then the Rocket League Esports Wiki can be a great place to start. You can find pages on each team, tournament and recent news that may affect future odds. The Rocket League section on Reddit is another useful resource, offering a place to ask questions and find recent analysis of pro matches.

To see past competitive matches with commentary, the Rocket League Esports channel on YouTube is incredibly useful. Decimal Decimal Moneyline Fraction. Rocket League Betting Rocket League is a soccer-style competitive esport, played between teams of three players, each of whom pilots a rocket-powered car.

Upcoming Matches. Match Winner Odds. Rocket League Sportsbooks See all Rocket League is still growing as an esport, so you might not find it on some of the larger betting sites. Read on to see the full list of Rocket League sportsbooks.

BET Esports. Unikrn Esports. Betway Esports. Rocket League Bonuses See all Rocket League bonuses differ depending on the website you choose to join. Latest on Rocket League Read all. December 09, July 25, April 09, Apr 09,