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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

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Football betting data results conclusion

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So, like no-one really knows that I do it anymore. Um, three, it's a personal thing. I want to enjoy it myself. It sounds a bit morbid actually, you know, now that I'm talking about it, but yeah, I do it on my tablet and I do it alone. In most cases, participants described online sports betting as a gambling activity involving skill, analysis, and engagement with the sporting event.

However, one participant described how as their gambling behavior became increasingly problematic, they transitioned into placing bets without much thought of the outcome and without prior analysis, but instead on the type of bet that would get them the highest monetary return:.

But with sports betting, I felt like I could analyze the form and look at the game and get a feel for it and bet according to that, which is what I first started betting on. I was literally just looking at the odds and placing a bet on it.

There is a constant stream of sports betting opportunities available for in-play betting. One participant described how they temporarily banned themselves from gambling online after they began in-play betting on sporting events that they would not ordinarily be interested in:. Based on the analysis, four broad themes emerged accessibility of betting via a smartphone, in-play betting motivating factors to participate, in-play vs. To date, there has been a small amount of research carried out on in-play sports betting and the findings from the present study will be discussed in relation to these.

One theme was ease of access to in-play sports betting using smartphones. Sports bettors now have immediate access to sports betting websites in most locations and situations. The sports bettors within the present sample had a preference for placing bets on mobile devices, which supports previous research that sports bettors Additionally, the same study found that problem gamblers were more likely to prefer to use a mobile device.

Sports bettors in the present study would often bet on the match in order to make the game appear more exciting and intense. Whilst the findings here concur with previous research, it may be of value to investigate to clarify which features of in-play sports betting add to the excitement and if these are more specifically related to problem gambling. Lamont, Hing and Vitartas reported that live odds updates during sports events may prompt bettors into placing impulse bets.

These impulse bets were more likely to be placed if the odds were perceived as good and related to their favourite team. Some participants believed that it was easier to make money in in-play sports betting as opposed to betting before a match. In a study of individuals, Khazaal et al. In systematic review carried out on the role of chance and skill in sports bettors and focusing on cognitions in the behaviour , Mercier et al.

It was concluded that the experts were more thoughtful, careful, and likely to place safer bets. It is possible that some in-play sports gamblers may experience higher levels of perceived skill in the activity due to cognitive distortions. It is possible that cognitive distortions could lead to the development and maintenance of a gambling disorder. Cantinotti, Ladouceur and Jacques examined whether the idea of having betting skill was illusion or chance.

Compared to bets made by expert sports bettors versus randomly selected wagers, they found that sports bettors demonstrated a higher accuracy for correctly predicting game outcomes compared to chance i. The researchers concluded that the notion of skill when betting is the result of cognitive distortions.

Therefore, the shortening of bets being paid out has reduced delays in receiving rewards from gambling, and allowing the gambler the potential of placing multiple bets per match. Some individuals cashed out to cut their losses, whilst others cashed out when they were betting a profit, while other preferred not to cash out and let the game run to completion. For example, cashing out is similar to a stop-loss order within financial trading, which is an order to sell an existing shareholding which is triggered if the bid price falls to, or below the stop price set by a trader.

This might be used when somebody buys a share to give them some protection and help minimize loss should a share price fall. Lopez-Gonzalez and Griffiths claimed that in-play online sports betting may benefit from regulations that are currently applied within the stock market industry. The present study has a number of limitations to take into account when interpreting the findings.

Firstly, the sample mainly consisted of non-problem male sports bettors, despite efforts by the research team to recruit female gamblers and more problem gamblers. Future research should attempt to recruit greater numbers of females and problem gamblers in their samples.

Secondly, the present study specifically targeted individuals who had placed at least one sports bet within the past six months. For this reason, participants may have had varied levels of engagement with sports betting and although they were assumed to qualify and meet the aims of the study, they were not representative of all online sports bettors or the wider betting population.

Thirdly, the study relied on self-report data which can be affected by a number of well-known biases such as social desirability and recall biases. Finally, it is important to highlight that the study was exploratory which allows for a preliminary understanding of in-play sports betting behavior, rather than allowing for definitive conclusions, especially because of the sample size.

Overall the sports bettors in the present study viewed in-play sports betting favorably and readily accessible. However, the results demonstrated that this is a way of gambling that can be played without interruption and which may lead to repetitive i. Given that this was an exploratory study, further research is required in order to draw more definitive conclusions. Further research into this area is required in order to provide direction for policymakers to develop responsible gambling measures for this relatively new way of gambling.

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Discover the latest trends via our mobile consumer survey. October 5. Lopez-Gonzalez, H. Controlling the illusion of control: A grounded theory of sports betting advertising in the UK. International Gambling Studies, 18 1 , 39— Internet-based structural characteristics of sports betting and problem gambling severity: Is there a relationship?

Gaming Law Review, 21 4 , — In-play betting, sport broadcasts, and gambling severity: A survey study of Spanish sports bettors on the risks of betting on sport while watching it. Communication and Sport, 8 , 50— McCormack, A. A scoping study of the structural and situational characteristics of internet gambling. Mercier, J. Sports bettors: A systematic review. Journal of Gambling Issues.

Palmer, C. Sports betting research literature review. Parke, J. The role of structural characteristics in gambling. Smith, D. Williams Eds. New York: Elsevier. Parke, A. Transformation of sports betting into a rapid and continuous gambling activity: A grounded theoretical investigation of problem sports betting in online settings. Rice, P. Qualitative research methods: A health focus.

Melbourne: Oxford University Press. Sharma, L. Psychological Bulletin, 2 , — Tversky, A. Availability: A heuristic for judging frequency and probability. Cognitive Psychology, 5 , — Download references. Correspondence to Elizabeth A.

The first author declares that she has no conflict of interest. The second author has received funding for a number of research projects in the area of gambling education for young people, social responsibility in gambling and gambling treatment from Gamble Aware formerly the Responsibility in Gambling Trust , a charitable body which funds its research program based on donations from the gambling industry. The second author also undertakes consultancy for various gaming companies in the area of social responsibility in gambling.

All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance with the ethical standards of the institutional research committee and with the Helsinki declaration and its later amendments or comparable ethical standards. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article's Creative Commons licence, unless indicated otherwise in a credit line to the material.

If material is not included in the article's Creative Commons licence and your intended use is not permitted by statutory regulation or exceeds the permitted use, you will need to obtain permission directly from the copyright holder. Reprints and Permissions. A Qualitative Interview Study. J Gambl Stud Download citation. To create a multiple regression betting system, one must have reliable data regarding past information of the players and teams, meaning that trustworthy historical data is crucial to building an effective multiple regression system.

Regression 1: Bettor finds that Team A won the regular series against Team B by during the first match of the year. Since both teams have scored a victory, bettor determines that the key variable is the presence of Player X, and decides that Team B will win the match. Thus, by using multiple regression analysis, bettor is able to analyze the events of the past and extrapolate the most probable future.

To develop a multiple regression system, mining data from an online sports book that can offer accurate historical sports data in a format that is easily accessible and actionable is highly recommended. These sports books also provide step by step rules for implementing regression analysis techniques in sports betting.

Note that regression analysis methodology is also employed by most casinos in an effort to generate probabilities that favor the house — for similar reasons, sports books use regression analysis to provide sports betting enthusiasts with the same advantage. There is one glaring problem in using regression analysis to predict outcomes of sporting events: the differentiation between correlation and causation.

Regression analysis is effective at identifying a correlation between events, but cannot properly identify whether one event is caused by another. For example: regression analysis can be used to show that every time Team A loses, player X does not score a goal. However, regression analysis cannot be used to conclude that Player X not scoring a goal is the cause of Team A losing the match.

In other words, regression analysis can be used to determine probable future performance based on defined past outcomes, but is unable to define causes for past outcomes. Ultimately, the effectiveness of any multiple regression system relies entirely on the proper selection and comparison of variables. In addition to multiple regression analysis, there are two other commonly used wagering methodologies: the arbitrage betting system and the use of statistical anomalies.

Naturally, profits are not guaranteed, but arbitrage is a straightforward strategy that can easily be learned by novice bettors. When implementing a strategy around statistical anomalies, the bettor seeks to gain a competitive advantage by diverging from seemingly sound predictions by introducing variables that are often overlooked by other forms of betting systems. Using this tactic successfully requires a careful study of both teams and players, as well as a variety of incidental variables, such as weather, crowd sizes, health conditions, or injuries.

While regression analyses can help a bettor identify and define the variables that may affect the outcome of any given match, determining which variables to measure and compare is the central challenge in building a winning regression system.

Therefore, regression analysis in sports betting is based upon not only a comparison of reliable past data with future events, but in deciding which variables may potentially alter the probabilities of those future events. Margin of victory. Home Top Sportsbooks Contact Us. Regression Analysis in Sports Betting Systems Sport betting is a form of wagering on the outcomes of traditional probability games such as cards, dice, or roulette as well as on the outcomes of sporting events such as football or baseball.

Traditional gambling and sports betting: Are they same? Logistic regression analysis Logistic regression is a forecasting technique that provides a probability percentage for a given variable. Problem of using regression analysis in sports betting There is one glaring problem in using regression analysis to predict outcomes of sporting events: the differentiation between correlation and causation.

Other betting systems In addition to multiple regression analysis, there are two other commonly used wagering methodologies: the arbitrage betting system and the use of statistical anomalies.

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