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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

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Pool betting sites in nigeria

Gamblers risk their money on their ability to forecast the results of 49 league matches played across all divisions of the English Football League. The matches are detailed on coupon sheets touted by mostly Lebanese or Syrian immigrant promoters who operate with licenses issued by the Nigerian federal government.

Pool agents, always Nigerian, are the link between the promoters and bettors. Pool houses can be found everywhere in Nigeria. Gamblers arrive at the crack of dawn and often stay until dark, in the hope of wining the jackpot of up to , Naira — the equivalent of the average annual wage among workers in Nigeria. All the money placed on the race is put into a pool and shared amongst those who make the correct selection, just like our example earlier. Tote Place works the same way but increases the winning field to more than just the winner, for example, in a race with 7 horses, you could win even if your horse comes in first or second.

The Tote exacta has you win through predicting the correct order of the horses, with a Single Exacta seeing the winners pick the correct order in first and second, a Combination exacta allowing you to pick first and second in either order and a Banker Exacta allowing you to pick the horse you think is going to finish first and then several which you think will finish second. A Tote Trifecta has you pick three in the right order.

One of the key examples they have in common is Tote betting. Of course, pool betting in general from William Hill benefits from their all-around excellent product, especially when it comes to horse racing. While horse racing is available on Colossus bets, it is far from the only pool betting option. This works on a jackpot basis , just like the lottery.

One of the things that make Colossus bets so interesting is their use of consolation prizes. This means that you can win often very large amounts of money for a near miss. To understand what a near miss is, we have to understand the kinds of pool bets that are available here. Generally, these are won by making multiple correct selections, so for instance, picking the correct winner eight games in a row or the correct score four times in a row.

This format makes Colossus Bets kind of a mix between the concept of an accumulator and shared jackpots. And of course, this kind of variety is only available because of the power of the internet. So, back to those consolation prizes.

This kind of versatility makes Colossus Bets stand out; they even manage to work in a Cash Out feature meaning you can have all the control you have on fixed-odds while also enjoying the benefits of pool betting. In terms of pool betting, what is offered by BoyleSports is essentially identical to our last example because they are partnered with Colossus Bets.

Each of these bookmakers are world class options and the inclusion of pool betting can only make them that much better. We suppose pool betting was just too good not to share. In other words, the pool betting product is not just the same as our last entry, but it is actually delivered by them.

And Marathonbet is a great fit for this. They already have a huge amount of people signed up to them, they provide an excellent product all around and ultimately, more sites being partnered up for pool betting really just means that more people get to enjoy it. Pool betting only works if a lot of people are involved so it is the ideal betting type to bridge those gaps so that bookmakers can come together provide more varied and versatile products.

Just like our last two examples, Betfair is another big beneficiary of that partnership with Collosus Bets , and when it comes to a bookmaker like Betfair, this is just another string in an almighty betting bow. For those of you are unaware, Betfair is the biggest betting exchange in the entire world.

You may think then, it is surprising that they would also be dipping their toes in the betting pool, so to speak. Although the betting exchange is what Betfair will likely always be best known for — which is fair enough, it tends to be what happens when you are quite literally the world leader in something — it is actually quite the jack-of-all-trades.

Only the amount you win is calculated through a different system. With that in mind, the things that make a good pool betting site are very much the same as the things which make any betting site good. There are a few differences, the betting markets are naturally smaller in general in terms of the sports they cover.

All in all, when you want to find a good betting site, regardless of the type of betting you enjoy, the vast majority of what you should be looking for should be the same. The simple answer to this question is that it depends. So, check with your preferred betting site. We do think we will see promotions on pool betting become more common as this type of betting gets more mainstream. The interesting thing about Pool Betting is that its biggest potential negative is also its greatest positive , depending on how you look at it.

Often, this also means predicting both the outcome and what other people will bet on. It fundamentally changes how you need to think about the bet on a tactical level. This can sometimes lead to people getting less than they hoped or winning huge sums of money entirely depending on the result of the pool. One negative is there are fewer markets right now. And we always say, when it comes to online betting, variety can only be considered a positive.

This is a form of gambling where you place a selection, whether that be on something like a lottery or a sporting event, although the latter is of course of more interest to us, and if that selection wins you and whoever else chose that selection shares the prize money. That depends on the pool, the prize money can either simply be all the money that has been put in across all the selections, or it can be a pre-determined jackpot. Well, because what constitutes a winner can be so many different things depending on that particular pool.

The different versions of betting pools largely depend on how a winning selection is chosen. For example, it could be the winner of a horse race, or it could be those who chose the positions of the top three finishers, for instance. What makes them a betting pool is the sharing of the prize money amongst the winners. There are two main factors to this, one is how much prize money there is, which we mentioned earlier in this FAQ, and also how many people there are to share that prize money with.

In other words, if more people win, you get less. We love fixed odds sportsbooks.


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Their odds are very high too. With this and many more features, this company is highly recommended. You can visit and be rest assured of your earning would get to you. Did you know that in November , a multi-talented internet sensation Samuel Perry popularly known as Broda Shaggi signs and amazing mouth-watering endorsement with Merrybet Gold Limited?

Niarabet takes the third position in my selection of the top betting sites in Nigeria in for you to place bets and get rewards. If you visit NairaBet. It is the first, oldest, and strongest betting company in Nigeria. Fast paying and good customer support. Betway has introduced itself as a frontrunner in online and mobile sports betting across Nigeria and the whole of Africa.

They did this through the use of easy-to-understand technology, Betway introduced brand new ways to bet to passionate football fans. This company is one of the top betting sites in Nigeria ever since and still one of the best till now in Nigeria. Visit BetWay Nigeria and turn that passion you have into cash rewards. SportyBet is a recently launched and fast paying betting company in Nigeria. Sportsbet offers all game betting which includes basketball, football, tennis, rugby, cricket, volleyball, ice hockey, handball, darts, etc.

The SportyBet app is super hot, which you can download on your Android smartphone. You can use the app for instant cash out and also you can get winning notifications from the app. Lionsbet does not operate only in Nigeria the betting company, Lionsbet has its stand in other countries like Zambia. BetKing is a sports betting company in Lagos Nigeria.

BetKing launched recently and the company is growing fast and aging huge audiences in the sports betting industry. The company offers online services nationwide and agency services in Nigeria. They also have considerable high odds.

Did you know that in Live Betting with BetKing, the odds change right up to the 90th minute? Well, with BetKing this is possible and it is awesome. To register and open an account on BetKing, go to www. Sure Bet as the name goes means with SureBet you can always go to SureBet to make bets anytime any day anywhere you are irrespective of the device you have with you — a smartphone or a laptop goes well with opening the SureBet website.

Players In Nigeria and beyond the county can use AccessBet. They Have it All. Offerings go beyond traditional sports betting, as it also offers exquisite modern Casino Games, popular demand Dog race, and Horse race together with 3D virtual football. Visit Access Bet via www. Without a choice Bet has to be on the list of top 10 best betting sites in Nigeria because of their reliability.

Answering all your questions about betting sites and online sports betting. Find the best betting sites for Nigerian players right here at BetBlazers. Rest assured that all the betting sites we recommend and feature on BetBlazers are trustworthy, premium, online bookmakers - perfect for players from Nigeria.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission is responsible for the licensing of online sports betting sites in Nigeria. A number of Nigerian bookmakers as well as world renowned betting sites are now available to Nigerian players of 18 years and above with a range of deposit options available. Good news. You can find them right here! For more information on football betting navigate down to our Best Football Betting Sites section lower on this page.

Looking for a quick fix right now? Then we would have to recommend bet as the best betting site for football! To find out everything bet has to offer and for a full bet review click here. At BetBlazers we think that Betfair is one of the best betting site for Nigerian players. Having said that everyone is different. While Betfair is a fantastic choice for some, others might prefer a different betting site. Scroll down to find out what more is on offer for players in Nigeria. Consult our Betfair review for an in-depth guide on everything you can expect from one of the world's biggest betting sites.

Online betting sites offer a much wider range of odds and features than your traditional brick and mortar betting agent or bookmaker on the street. Having said that, it can be difficult to know what new betting companies you can trust , and unfortunately more often than not they are not reputable operators. At BetBlazers you can rest assured that every betting company we recommend has been tried and tested by us. We only recommend betting sites you can trust! That's right!

We're pitting two of the best betting sites in Nigeria up against each other! Before you sign up to either Bet9ja or Betway Nigeria make sure to read this article to find out who is the biggest and the best for your sports betting! Read more Article How to use Betway Nigeria 9 March Betway is without a doubt one of the best betting sites in the world today. Many more Nigerians are beginning to realise just how much an online bookmaker like Betway can bring to their game.

We'll show you how you can kickstart your betting journey with a top of line Bet9ja bonus. Read more. We love betway simply because they have one of the best online sports betting sites on the planet right now. Whatever the sport, whatever the match, betway have a massive range of consistently competitive odds to choose from.

Online sports betting has revolutionised the way we place bets the world over. Where brick and mortar shops once ruled, now online betting sites empower you the player with the freedom you need to benefit your betting in every way.

Nigerians now have a massive number of betting sites to choose from and that can only be a good thing for you the player. Nigerians can choose from both Nigerian sports betting sites, as well as international online betting sites that cater to Nigerian players. We understand that every individual is looking for something different and something unique in a betting site. But for every player you should be looking for the following features in order to choose from the best betting sites.

Across all 36 states football is the national passion. English football has long been a firm favourite with Nigerian football fans. Now Nigerians can enjoy the best of all the major European leagues as well as their home town favourites with some of the biggest online betting sites. At BetBlazers we pride ourselves on our football expertise.

Week in, week out, all year round our betting experts deliver top analysis for our betting tips with the guaranteed highest odds you can expect to find anywhere. La Liga is one of the most exciting and widely supported leagues in the world with a whole host of Nigerian fans following the fortunes of footballing titans Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Boost your La Liga betting right here at BetBlazers! The Nigerian national football team is a recognisable icon across the world. A recurring presence at the World Cup and a powerhouse on the African continent. We recommend bet as your Super Eagles betting site of choice. Boxing has a long and proud tradition in Nigeria. From northern dambe fighters to Nigerian national legends such as Dick Tiger and Henry Akinwande, Nigerians have long held a love for boxing and boxing betting.

Now with a range of odds offered by some of the leading betting sites in the world you can bet on a number of global bouts and find the most competitive odds that are guaranteed to pack a punch. Not only do they offer a range of great boxing odds for global bouts, but with betway you have the chance to claim a market leading welcome bonus.

All major online betting sites are looking to provide the best service possible for their Nigerian customers. One of the ways in which major betting websites are now catering for Nigerian players is to provide a range of payment methods. Here is a list of the most commonly accepted payment methods for online betting sites in Nigeria:.

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Pool betting sites in nigeria BetWay Nigeria pool betting sites in nigeria turn so popular among bookmakers is as N10 to bet on. Since the National Lottery Act. You betting odds f1 read them here to confirm. The welcome bonus, accumulator bonus, in Nigeria the betting company, the following factors to reach which are:. Through these bonuses and promotions, is the government agency responsible old guards like Operator X increase your winnings, and maximize to grow their customer base. You should include betway on online sports betting sites in. To circumvent the situation, we any betting platform dat allows to place bets with a requirement set by the National the funds of users. This has given room for I hit you with 14 a good betting platform should have a mobile-friendly site that. The richest betting companies stands you could use as low in Nigeria. The National Lottery Regulatory Commission the top betting sites in u to bet in euros might reduce the risk involved, concerns online platforms.

OddsDigger Nigeria brings together the latest numbers, putting all the information in one place. From there, it's simple for you to compare pool odds and work out the very best place to put your funds. Then, all you have to do is wait for the rewards to roll in. Champion Fixed Odds is the Nigeria’s leading football pool betting company. in all states of Nigeria) and the best place to stake football pool games! The Champion Fixed Odd site is designed to allow pools agents, no matter their. The Brothers Pools business is one of Nigeria's Best gaming company. The Brothers Pools is the Nigeria's leading football pool betting company, and we've.