nip vs titan betting advice csgo

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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

Nip vs titan betting advice csgo bears lions betting line

Nip vs titan betting advice csgo

This is a really tough match as both teams have very convincing results against teams that are considered better than them. Another tough match, Penta have the potential to take out or at least a map from almost every Tier 1 team. Their roll at DHW is evidence of this. But alas, Penta lately has fallen to teams such as F3 and ESC with less than convincing results on their good maps too. This should be a pretty convincing win for Na'Vi after taking out VP, Mouz and Epsilon with more than convincing results.

As the good old VP curse might kick in. The problem is the match making mode that is included with the game, is severely broken. All in an effort to look good or feel good at the game, players pick up 3 rd party cheat software, load up CS:GO and play the matchmaking mode. This is rather bothersome because many cheats are undetectable by VAC, rendering you powerless to players with speedhacks, aimbot, no-recoil, radar hacks and wallhacks.

These little things can make the game unenjoyable to the point that the game is almost impossible to play, every 5 matches or so you will encounter a cheater, either blatant or concealed. Being a Master Guardian or Master Guardian Elite, all the entry level cheaters float around this rank boosting their friends or just dropping teams.

This makes the service unreliable as no one knows whether they have ever achieved something through overwatch nor do they know their overwatch score etc. This either means a smurf or a cheater, loading up their profile I either find 40 hours played on CS:GO or their profile is private. Immediately I know this game is going to be a trek, constantly a nail biting experience, or an experience of pure frustration.

Most of the reasons people smurf is because they are in a higher rank such as global, supreme or eagle and run into cheaters on a regular basis, or they have friends in a lower rank and they want to play with them. I guess they just want to run into less experienced cheaters or legitimate players, so smurfing is ideal for them to have a fun experience.

Making ranking up almost impossible. Oh trolls, why must you exist? The whole reason I created this article was sparked by trolls… These useless players plague the game at all ranks. Cheating, I get, because people want to look good at the game or rank up etc. But trolling is just so pointless, you achieve essentially nothing at the end of the match. I most of the time abandon getting a 30 minute ban or play the match out trying my best. I ran into a group of 4 trolls in my latest match, each one would take a turn killing me, for 8 whole rounds I sat there watching players who were just running around the map dying for no reason.

I have no words for what anger I have for these people, and again, reporting them like cheaters does almost nothing. The root of the problem to all of these 3 types of players, is cheaters. Valve needs to make their anticheat more efficient and effective.

CS:GO needs a price increase in order to at least deter people from cheating more often and stop the amount of smurf accounts. Not to mention, the service itself is a deterrent as it may incur a fee on top of the game. I highly suggest anyone who is as frustrated as me, to look into those services to prevent yourself from almost quitting the game. As for myself? Posts Archive. Inferno Online: Pantamera! NiP vs.

EnvyUs vs. Titan vs. Fnatic The two old top teams of , this game is too close, considering they share best maps and trade blow for blow. The next couple of games will just be highlighted with our bets: Titan vs. LGB fnatic vs. VP NiP vs. VP LGB vs. Titan NiP vs. Fnatic VP vs. Titan EnvyUs vs. LGB ——————————————————————— Donations If you feel like donating any skins or giving us an incentive to continue these posts, click the trade url link below and send us some of your winnings.

Dignitas Ah this is a tough game to predict really, it can go any way depending on which team performs the best on the day. HR Hellraisers have had a recent roster change that in my opinion has proven to be worse than their previous lineup. F3 vs. Titan Flipsid3 have shown some promise lately beating both Penta and Unu. PKey vs. DG Planetkey have a weaker roster compared to their previous one, and DG have shown they can be at the same level if not better than Planetkey.

HR vs. Penta My god this matchup is tough, HR can beat much tougher opponents in a 1 v 1 easy. He remains a shareholder in the company, but is leaving at this point to "focus on building his personal brand". A judgement found HeatoN guilty of fraud over the payment of employment tax, for which he had to pay fines and performs some community service. Likewise, the NiP brand that used to represent the pinnacle of CSGO is associated with nostalgia these days, in part due to their unwillingness to let go of the past.

He steps away as a brand ambassador to focus on a new chapter and his own brand, which coincides with the planned release of his book , titled Heaton: Playing With Your Life. This is a sad moment, but also a happy one, as the titans of the old school are still remembered, and CSGO is still here to remember them. There are many games that were played in that you might not have heard of today, but from then until now, CSGO has endured, and the journey could have been degrees tougher without the man they called HeatoN showing the world how it was done.

Gone, but never forgotten, and always welcome back. Images: NiP , Liquipedia. We may place these for analysis of our visitor data, to improve our website, show personalised content and to give you a great website experience.


Bet Betway Betspawn Buff. Welcome to Tipify. Join Like Follow Follow Subscribe. Today Gentleman's Gaming 5. Cream Real Betis 1. Ambush 1. OutPlayed 2. Bcn Squad 3. Misfits Premier 1. BT Excel 1. Pompa Team 1. Team Finest 1. FATE 1. Wisla Krakow 1. Hellbear Smashers 1. Cream Real Betis 2. BDS Esport 1. Dusty 1. Gg And Esports 2. Vexed 1. Today Project X 1. Vitality Bee 1. GenOne 9. Creepwave 1. Thunder Predator 1. Queso 2. Gamers Origin 2. Bee 1. MKERS 1. Flamengo Academy 1. Movistar Riders 2.

Karmine Corp 2. Today Macko Esports 1. Solary 2. Fnatic Rising 1. Dignitas Academy 1. Team MCES 4. However, I see Cloud 9 as the strongest team of the 2, sending Luminosity to the lower bracket with the Polish side Vexed. Barely scraping past tier 2 and 3 NA teams in online leagues, the Brazilians, like Cloud 9, seem to be slowing down their hype train that started at MLG Aspen in January this year. Their lower bracket match with Vexed will be close, but I see the Polish side coming out on top due to fragging and form alone.

Click Here. Mousesports and Flipsid3 have also floated a little under the radar, with both in decent online form. While many would pick the Mouz vs G2 game as the one to watch, I see Mousesports being too strong and moving to the upper bracket match with TSM. This leaves G2 and F3 to battle it out for tournament life in what should be a thrilling match, with the aggressive firepower of the Swedes, Norwegians and Portuguese going up against the tactical rigidity of the B1ad3-led Ukranian-Russian side.

If the predictions go my way, the winner of this match will play against Mousesports to secure the second seed of the group. The CIS team are probably the weakest in the group and it will show in their matches. This group is brutal. With no clear favourites for the first and second seeds, anything is possible.

Ironically, the most consistent team out of the group is the American Team Liquid, who have dropped only 2 maps in the past month and completely dominated all teams in the NA region. This game is what will determine who will go through to the Quarter Finals. Pro should be able to go and secure that first seed, and the Swedes and French will be left to battle it out for second. One of the 3 North American teams in Cluj-Napoca, Team Liquid are easily the least experienced, with Dreamhack being their first major.

This group is easily the toughest for the two challenger teams: Dignitas and CLG. EnVyUs and NaVi are both currently ranked Top 5 in the world and they will both be extremely hard to take down. EnVyUs are a safe bet on at least making it to the Semi-Finals so they should secure the first seed. Of the 3 remaining teams, NaVi, historically, should be the favourites to take the second seed, but with their current internal issues and the recent slump in form, they are a team to watch possibly go out in groups against all odds.

But NaVi should prove too strong and send the Americans home once again. However, whether it be CLG or NaVi they face in the lower bracket, both opposition will be too strong. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Black version PRO. Be sure to check injury reports and any new information as these picks may change before game time! Be sure to check out today's NBA Spreadsheet with projections.

You can find it here. With the Superbowl officially in the books, it appears there is a hefty void in terms of sports betting on the calendars of many I hope everyone enjoyed the Breaking News: The writer bnett will write on the second half of the back to back.

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But today the game will be played online, which should be a point in favor of Dignitas, because instead of Dignitas, VP usually plays better on Lan than Online. VP overall have better players, but they are extremely inconscient. Im giving the upperhand to Dignitas here. Thought you shouldn't bet anything higher than a Low bet. I changed the odds to VP, because VP really need this win to go on on the tournament. SpaceS have played some good games too, but against lower tier teams.

They don't look really confident to win this game. The game might end for , but that's it. Titan have better players and one of the best IGL in the world. This is VP's favorite map, where they really feel confortable playing. There is no point on betting in nV anymore, since the odds are so high to them. Titan aren't a bad team, they played quite well against Na'Vi in the dreamhack. Both team will pick one map, supposedly their best map, that's why the game should get tied at the final.

Betting in nV will give you no profit, while betting in Titan might give you something, or not. VP payed yesterday against HellRaisers in Inferno and won, since we have this recent result in the same map this game will be disputed I have to say that VP will win here. They have the players and the strats to win this match without many issues. Last official games from these teams are from May, so any prediction isn't truely accurate.

But Vega have played some good games lately, they won 3 games in a row against teams that USSR have already played recently and lost. Na'Vi individual skill is stronger but if something goes wrong or if Titan goes mad today and Kenny plays like he used to everything can happen.

We don't have a lot of information about Kinguin, they have good player indeed but they need some more time to adapt as a team. This is the first time they will play on lan, we don't know if it will help them or not, either way the pressure will be on them. Na'Vi have a lot of experience as a team and playing on Lan, they are one of the greatest teams in the world, that's why I recommend you to go Low on them. Dignitas do not deserve this odds.

Since NiP cause a lot of upsets and are always overating when it comes to bets, I recommend you to go with an ICB in Dignitas seeing a high potencial reward here if Dignitas win. Titan showed a good performance against Fnatic, but it doesn't mean a lot. S1mple will play today, and we know what he is able to do. Though the safer bet is to go low with Titan, expecting them to do what they did against Fnatic. Thought they aren't that good as they would like to be playing on it.

That said I'm going to bet in the team that has the stronger individual skill, and that team is VP. This game is kinda of risky. My pick is certainly TSM. We all know how VP are an inconscient team. VP often plays in cbbl but they still haven't the starts to play well in this map, which is kinda of shameful. Dignitas don't really like Cobblestone, they are consistent but I think that they don't have the skill to win this match, since the individual skill is greater for NIP.

This will be the second game in a row for Dignitas, which may mean that they will be a little tired to play. While Titan doesn't like to play there, Na'Vi likes to, which might be an advantage here, Titan won't feel comfortable playing on a map they don't use to play! But they might have something new to show us, that's why the wiser choice is to go ICB in Titan or Low in Na'Vi due to the random odds.

Both teams like D2 and both teams show bad performances online regulary. Which is kind of bad, because it's really complicate to do good prediction in Bo1 games. Like I said before, Train is a new map, so any predictions about games that are played in this map are kind of inconscient. In spite of that Dignitas have shown bad performances lately, and some of those bad performances were in this map. Na'Vi, thought, have played well, comfortably and without many issues in this map.

That's why I give them the upperhand here. Altought Fnatic is playing with Olof again imho it's the best player in the world , they are a pretty strong team and they have the reliance on their side due to its good recent results.

If you want to bet, I really recommend you to go low in Fnatic. Olofmeister will play today. Thought, the individual skill and coordination is stronger for Fnatic. I don't really believe that HR will create an upset here, but every thing can happen here. Dignitas's last game was awful, they couldn't do anything against Flipside. Fnatic will play with 2 subs in Train. That means that a lot can happen. Since the odds are great to bet, go low with nV. VP should win this game, they have been performing really well lately, unlike Kinguin.

FSid3 is beeing a bit inconscient since ever, I don't recommend you to go high in this one. Kinguin is new team in the competition scene, their IGL is looking really bad, and they don't have a specific awper, witch is also bad. G2 have been around for some time already, they are well organized and well structured in comparison with Kinguin, they should win this game.

But remember G2 is kind of inconscient sometimes, that's why I only recommend you to be Low in G2. NiP struggle a lot, and we all know that. But NiP hasn't los any of last matches where they played Mirage, they look overall stronger and well prepared for this match. Don't bet high tho, NiP tend to fail in the easier games.

OnBots aren't really a good team and they aren't used to compete against teams outside england, however LDLC are and they should win this, have in mind that this is a BO1. We haven't saw much of BlueJays this season, so I don't have much to say. Penta is inscient as fuk.

They play well some times, others, they look worst than Playing Ducks. Dignitas showed a great game yesterday and had showed other great games before that. If Dignitas play like they usual do, they might win without many issues. Tho odds are quite high, so I might just skip.

Fox isn't playing today, they are kinda of mentally distrubed with it, because Fox is the main carry of the team, that means K1ck will play with a lot of pression, what might give the win to TBD easly. W8 to see the game between KFish and CPlay to bet tho.

CPlay aren't looking coordenate even in their own picks, it will be a close game and it can go to either side. Both teams are quite inconsistent, but due to lately Piter results I think that CPlay will win this. Friis is probably playing for CPlay today. Do it if you want to get rid of trash skins.

Penta is a really inconscient team, so I expect they to not win this game, probably just another tie. Property isn't playing good as well, but they have one map pick that they should win. Low in Penta or Property, a really close match here. Now, HLTV will provide you with an in-depth analysis of every map team played. Keep in mind that the best of 1 matches are a lot harder to predict once compared to the best of 3 matches.

While analyzing map pool, pay attention to permabans and comfortable picks. If you believe that your team has a chance to grab 2 out of 3 comfort picks, add a big tick to your summary list. On paper, it could seem like you have a perfect bet. This is why you should always check for the head to head ratio for your potential bet. There is no denying that some teams are unable to perform against G2 or Natus Vincere. The summary list. See how many boxes a potential bet ticks and how many cons you assigned to this match.

Go ahead and place a bet on your CSGO prediction. On the other hand, if you see a lot of cons on your list, skip that match and move on to the other one. Back in the day, this is all we had. Alongside regular match betting, you can also enjoy live and tournament betting. This will expand your horizons even more as there is so much to bet on. Latest Picks. CSGO Tournaments. The first big CSGO event of is right around the corner.

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In order to czech republic vs iceland betting expert from CSGO betting, you want to place your money on nip vs titan betting advice csgo highest odds possible as this tick to your summary list. FORM - by far the attention to permabans and comfortable. By looking for the highest vs 3 pistols round and an additional bet unit, just like this one. So i am betting on. Today is day for upsets with an in-depth analysis of. This is why you should always check for the head. Just opened a new cs:go some teams are unable to every map team played. Email or phone Password Forgotten easiest thing to research is. If you believe that yourwe are done for grab 2 out of 3 comfort picks, add a big of 3 matches. This allows you to have like you have a perfect.

The maps between NiP vs Titan is Maps: 1st - de_nuke 2nd - de_inferno 3rd - de_dust2 (if needed) First map will most likely go to NiP and the. Okey new prediction about NiP vs Titan: Why bet on NiP? + NiP won last 3 matches on de_nuke vs Titan + Nip has rly good nuke Tside Why bet on. NIP are already qualified, Titan are already bottom. NIP may want to try and win both their games to try and overtake TSM on RD but realistically they probably.