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When we talk about football, we usually think first of the NFL. When you look at the global numbers, this figure nearly doubles. InSuper Bowl XLIX only generated about 10, more bets than the most heavily bet college football game:compared to ,

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Italian betting eurobeton

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Brussels Area, Belgium pharmacien Pharmaceuticals. Antwerp Area, Belgium zaakvoerder Hospitality. Belgium Education louvroil. Brussels Area, Belgium Chemicals. Brussels Area, Belgium devlopper chez famille Internet. Investment Management. Luxembourg, Belgium En poste dans secteur Commerce de gros Wholesale.

Charleroi Area, Belgium patron Government Administration. Brussels Area, Belgium artiste Fine Art. Charleroi Area, Belgium direttore commerciale presso nathy bat sprl Construction. Brussels Area, Belgium autonomo Retail. October - Present. Charleroi Area, Belgium Chef d'entreprise, frit'land Restaurants.

Bruges Area, Belgium zaakvoerder Sam's bike store Sports. Brussels Area, Belgium Chef d'entreprise, euro trading Wholesale. Brussels Area, Belgium gerant Wireless. Brussels Area, Belgium New nanostructured steel production envisioned for Central Russia. Rusnano seeks police investigation into its Siberian subsidiary. Bank-established VC fund supports Siberian innovators. Large tech transfer center to open in mid-Volga.

New site to turn lactic acid into biocomposites in Northwest Russia. Volga scientists assist Pirelli in improving tire properties. Rusnano invests in aspherical optics for satellite surveillance systems. Novosibirsk gears up for nanotube production. Kaluga eyes new site to produce FDA-approved innovation drugs. Tomsk innovators ready to bridge gap between tech ideas and oil production. Russia approves biotech and genetic engineering development roadmap.

Patrolling robot developed just outside Moscow. Orenburg in South Urals bets on solar energy. Lipetsk announces biotech cluster development. In Samara, new research institute to build small spacecraft. Moscow and Voronezh researchers develop next gen bone cement for advanced medicine. In Moscow, science and business collaborate in innovation for mechanical engineering. Urals to have new robot-aided machining engineering center.

Novosibirsk region considers its own biotech cluster. Next gen diamond production technology unveiled outside Moscow. New composite parts site to supply Superjet and Boeing launched in Kazan. Two St. Pete developers merge different technologies in one solution for oil and gas. Gazprom develops its own synthetic liquid fuel technology. Quantum Wave announces its first venture investments. West Siberian researchers ready to tap shallow rivers for enough power.

Safe petrochemical site launched outside Nizhny Novgorod. Lukoil experiments with new oil transportation technology. Russian petrochemical company unveils new polypropylene grade. Moscow scientists and private business to jointly develop and sell electron accelerators. Siberian innovators make medicinal bread with Iceland moss. Tatarstan scientists offer new technology to boost oil production. Gazprom brings new technology to its Extreme North field. Monocrystal improves properties of single-crystalline silicon solar cells.

New St. Pete searchlights to ease underwater study, rescue and repair. New Siberian techno-park to focus on Tibetan medicine, IT and energy. Russian pharma developers to create four vital new drugs. Siberian university and petrochemical business ink deal over new mortars.

Russia seeks international partnerships in pharma, clean tech, mechanical engineering and then some. Siberian gaging device expected to improve gold production. Siberian students offer new analyzer to industries from aluminum to cement. Siberian scientists work to smarten up oil and gas production. Lipetsk fires up regional innovation. Sizable electronics cluster announced in Northwest Russia. New large biopharma cluster outside Moscow slated for full launch in Samara to have its nano-park; industry and science pool efforts to guide it.

Pete cancer and sclerosis drug effort announced. Tomsk researchers develop new high-strength light alloys. Moscow innovators work to turn gas into synthetic crude. Kaluga and Rusnano InfraFund to jointly spur demand for nano. New Siberian idea: how to turn grain straw into pure biofuel. Petersburg LED street lighting launched. Perm developers created two disruptive technologies in , authorities say.

Siberian batteries maker partially changes hands and plans sixfold boost in production. Perm developer seeks patents for its nanocoating application technology. Russia to supply solar panels to South Africa. Next gen wire production launched outside Yaroslavl. Russo-Chinese laser center eyed in Urals. Tomsk turns chemical wastes into flak vests and car bumpers. Japanese say konichiwa to Russian Do-Ra mobile dosimeter.

New anti-tumor drug production launched outside Moscow. Perm oil engineering firm pushes innovation for drill pipes. Science and business in Perm pool efforts to set up advanced fiber production. Altay biotech scientists want transgenic organisms legitimized.

Hungarians to outsource LED production to Ural partner. Moscow scientists offer IT-enabled device to gauge nanodimensional coatings. Siberians and Chinese want to make fuels beneath earth surface. With global prices at record low, Russia determined to buttress Siberian poly-Si effort.

Irkutsk innovators to launch new nano-based paint. Innovation LED lamp production launched in Urals. Rusnano and partners take nanotechnology to natural gas sector. Russia to develop composite materials sector. Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan set up intergovernmental innovation center.

Russian academicians set to ward off Western financial threat. Ural developers set to create next gen alloys; federal grant seen as fast track. Bashkortostani ECM machines hit global markets. Ural scientists develop new smart spectrometer. Orel steps up introduction of innovation into industry. Russia develops liquefied methane-propelled shuttle engine. Rusnano and partners invest in US biomed developers. For Kazan nanotech food wrapper, Siberian raw material considered.

Pacific Venture Fair planned outside Vladivostok in Nanoceramic substrates for electronics come on-line in Novosibirsk. Sitronics to more than double 90 nanometer chip production. Kaliningrad nano-sized chips to digitize Russian television. NanoDerm-Profi expands its nanocosmetics product line. Investor consortium buys into brand new pipe painting technology.

Novgorod to produce aspen chips based bricks. To push innovation, Krasnoyarsk universities team up with industrial majors. New Plasma Technologies offers next gen nanocoatings for tools. Next gen Ural concrete to reinforce Malaysian buildings. In interregional effort, remote phosphor production launched.

Up-to-date float glass factory to kick off outside Rostov. Nanolek shakes hands with Dutch biotech maker on localized polio vaccine production. Mordovia bets on lighting engineering cluster. Moscow and Siberian scientists turn waste into coke, fuel and then some. Venture fund launch fails in Tyumen; Russian VCs criticized for heavy-handed approach. Latvians make money on Russian nanotechnology. Advenira to set up nano-shop in Russia. Rusnano-backed company to invest in new drugs globally.

Novosibirsk to create electronic cluster. Nanoadditives and glass composites for Volgograd roads. Russia and Belarus to make supercomputer for hydrocarbon and shale production. Planning to paint Irkutsk with nano-based dye. Cost-effective sapphire monocrystals envisioned in Skolkovo.

Pultrusion composite section production launched in Moscow. Sitronics launches new 90nm design rule based chips. Russian cleantech Euro-5 gasoline production technology unveiled. Drug to fight lower extremities ischemia hits Russian market. Liotech boosts next gen lithium-ion batteries production.

Kaliningrad expects global microelectronics movers and shakers for Si-forum. Taking elevator from Earth to Moon. New software lab to open in South Russia; Angstrem leads effort. State-of-the-art deep grain processing planned outside Ryazan. In Irkutsk, metals, alloys and polymers get stronger.

Novosibirsk to back innovation in medicine. Pete company RFID tags rare library volumes for safety. Mordovia IT techno-park waxes. Russian 10GW solar power station on orbit envisioned. Next gen video surveillance systems to hit market. Year-round repair of concrete structures enabled at Mendeleyev University. Tyumen applies various ways of innovation support. Skolkovo to seek energy-efficient projects.

Lipetsk LEDs to light Zelenograd aircraft factory. Chelyabinsk next gen dense fuel to power nuclear reactors. Yaroslavl know-how to make roads four times more durable. Multipurpose PET center under construction in Ufa. Russian and Chinese techno-parks strike cooperation agreement. Apollo Vredestein to make tires from Guayule and Russian Dandelions. Basalt fiber material plant opens outside Yakutsk.

Union of Innovators formed in Omsk region. Tomsk SEZ gets three new innovative residents. Risilica launches production of amorphous silicon dioxide. Prepreg-SKM looking for new carbon fiber product ideas. Russia eager to notch up lasting win in global super-wire competition.

Alstom to set up innovation center in Russia. Nanoelectro and Bochvar Institute launch production of super-wires. Karelian scientists create universal ecological filter. Amur region eyes technopark. Skolkovo and Chelyabinsk region to cooperate. NEVZ-Ceramics to launch production of nanoceramics. Orenburg scientists to grow human tissue equivalents.

Altay region to support innovation startups. SB RAS' firm to launch production of catalytic air heaters. Innovative nanopowder production launched outside Novosibirsk. Baltika to switch to light-diode lamps. Grishin Robotics to invest into personal robot technology startups. Spirit Navigation to make navigators locating inside buildings. Zheleznogorsk innovation cluster given priority status. CZPU applied gas-flame spraying equipment for Ammofos.

AlSTU develops energy-efficient facing panels. IrSTU's Nanotechcenter to process aluminum waste in nano-way. Tomsk's EleSy launches production of elevator frequency transformers. Siberia eyes solar collector stations. Inventive farewell to Soviet military junk: make nanodiamonds, not war! Petersburg Electrotechnical University makes 3D fabric. Tomsk LTE base station plant to export products to Europe. Stavropol's Energomera moves IPO plans to RVC and Catalysis Institute to make filters for thermal canons.

Russian software beats Guinness Record. Micron's card platform approved for use in universal electronic cards. Dubna SEZ eyes plasmaphairesis medical equipment complex. Plastic Logic changes its Russian strategy. Omsk region eyes polypropylene processing industrial park.

Spanish investors show interest to Russian plasmaphairesis technology. Despite bleak e-reader forecast, Plastic Logic pushes next gen color reader display. Tomsk X-Ray machines to be produced in Dubna. Technopark Idea interested in Irkutsk carbon nanopipes. Russian innovators to meet Finnish investors. Atomenergoproject presented its wire bundle in Switzerland. Graphene discoverer Andre Geim Knighted.

Irkutsk: turning aluminum waste into stronger materials. Stavropol scientists develop transdermal nanocosmetics. Bioenergy has most potential in Russia. Siberian scientists make aerogel for detecting particles. Kazan eyes innovative medicine center in Galen and Top Glass to produce composite profiles. Irkut welcomes foreign partners into MS aircraft project. Philips and Optogan start JV to make ligh diodes in Russia.

Explosive and drug detector DViN named best startup. TUSUR opens nanoelectronics and light diode lab. AvtoVAZ goes ahead with innovation development program. Galileo launches trial production of metallized carton. Perm nanocoatings for St.

Petersburg bridges. Zvorykin Project announced summer innovation camp Seliger Kemerovo university eyes coal chemistry lab. Sverdlovsk region launched five nanotechnological projects. Omsk region eyes center of carbon and polymers. RNT transport telematics to South America. Novosibirsk region eyes inter-university center of innovations. Novosibirsk region to support innovations.

Polar Quartz to launch its Urals quartz plant in June Galileo Nanotech metallizes paper selectively. Microsoft starts PC game production in Yaroslavl. Samara region presents nanosatellite project. Petersburg SEZ to register two new residents. Krasnoyarsk business-incubator gets five new residents. Tomsk scientists research nanotexturing of ceramic surfaces. Siberian scientists to make uncooled photo detectors. Rosatom to set up medical tools sterilization center. Rusnano to invest in Polar Quartz project in Urals.

New onslaught on C-type hepatitis: next gen drugs from outside Moscow and Ural vaccines. Skolkovo's Transgenpharm develops breast milk substitute. Tomsk region leading nanotechnological development. Irkutsk region to set up venture fund. Tomsk SEZ eyes drugs pre-clinical trial center. Urals scientists invent Hepatitis C cure. AstraZeneca announces contest among biopharm scientists. Ruspolymet and Rusnano to launch metal powder production.

UCS to create early cancer diagnostics method. Rosatom buys German semiconductor production technology. Severstal and MISiS bring nanomaterials into monolithic blocks. Tomsk's nanoceramics implant production launched. New piezoelectric cell production eyed in Southern Russia. New biotech project envisioned in Novosibirsk techno-park.

PIK introduces modified atmosphere packaging. Skolkovo Fund may open rep office in CIS in Sitronics and Rusnano open 90nm chips plant in Zelenograd. Signal-Pack builds unique dumpling machine. Arkhangelsk scientists to improve building materials. Far East researchers offer Russian surgeons advanced 3D simulation. Russian HIV vaccine undergoes clinical trials. INTEN to launch production of solar collectors.

Sarov Technopark opens business-incubator. NewVac licensed to commercialize US cancer vaccine candidate in Russian market. Siberian scientists come up with ultra-thin nano-sized diamond film. RVC to buy 3. FemtoScan goes online to aid researchers.

Mikron and Rusnano to invest into 65 and 45 nm chips. Multiclet moves to Skolkovo space cluster. Social network Farmbook expands to global markets. Stavropol region eyes the Southern Nanotechnological Center. Krasnoyarsk school students visit regional business-incubator. Russian-Belgian power lines plant to be launched in Uglich. Youth innovation center opened in Udmurtia.

Virial now resides in St. Petersburg SEZ. Optogan will develop organic light emitting diodes. Rusnano has opened representative office in Israel. RMT launches series production of micromodules in Nizhny Novgorod. Stavropol region eyes two industrial parks. Maxwell Photonix in for dental surgery lasers. Profotec presents digital substation cell.

Rusnano will open foreign representative office in Israel. Lipetsk SEZ approves five new investment projects. Tomsk scientists develop method of producing fuel briquettes. Skolkovo registered 30 new residents. With German technology, Rusnano in for antioxidants. Connector Optics launches epitaxial wafer plant in St.

Rusnano-led consortium launches quantum dots. New Tula germanium effort may tip global market scales. Sitronics to launch production of light diodes in Zelenograd. Rusnano gets Smart Desk signs agreement with Energia. SuperOx-Innovations in for next gen nano-superconductors. Composite and Zvorykin project announce innovation contest. Penza region and Rusnano held the Contacts Stock Exchange. Rusnano and Selecta to set up pharma production in Russia. Bio Eco develops non-toxic bioglues for bio-chipboards.

Skolkovo eyes the pre-clinical medicine testing center. Skolkovo registers 15 new residents. Rusnano to grow its share in SynBio to Skolkovo will cooperate with German fund Triangle. Tomsk bets on economic clusterization. Now in production, Hyamatrix bio skin set to improve lives and defy ageing. Prepreg-SKM launches carbon fibers. Pete Bio Information Center to open early Production of nano-composites launched in Metaclay.

RAS and Pridnestrovye University to cooperate. Tomsk region eyes nuclear cluster. Danaflex-Nano launches production of nano-package in Tatarstan. Skolkovo Center to name th resident. Rusnano to launch new online system to support innovations. Rostov scientists develop smart material systems. SuperOx Innovations becomes Skolkovo participant. Rusnano to invest in Nanoderm-Profi anti-age cosmetics. Tomsk and Kazakhstan universities to cooperate. British Invention Award goes to two Urals companies.

Moscow cafes to have smart mirrors to run commercials. Russian scientists develop advanced laser optical forceps. Plastic Logic to start building plastic displays plant in Zelenograd. Skolkovo to finance production of new medicines in Medsintez. Kaluga region eyes energy and energy saving cluster. Micron to open sub-department in the MIPT. Connector Optics Technologies becomes Skolkovo resident. Rusnanoprize goes to Mr. Sakovich for invention of Optogan launches light diode chips plant in Germany.

Intesso launches light diode plant in Rostov region. Krasnoyarsk scientists show off their inventions. Composite to set up Nanotechnological Center. AstraZeneca awards cardiovascular and oncology scientists. Altay region to subsidize energy efficiency.

Two projects from Mordovia get Skolkovo resident statuses. Interra: summing up results. Ulyanovsk eyes nanotechnological center by Skolkovo center registers 18 new residents. Sverdlovsk region scientists create innovations for disabled kids restoration. Rosatom pushes use of carbon composites in nuclear industry. Izvarino-Pharma and partners to present medicine delivery nano-platforms.

Altay region universities and firms present their science projects. Kazan eyes Karavayevo industrial park. Nanotechnological firms are invited to take part in website contest. Nanotechnological Society of Russia opens office in Tambov.

Liotekh to build technological center in Novosibirsk region. Hey kids, no more school books, here comes Rusnano! Rosatom supports idea of nuclear cluster in Tomsk region. Skolkovo and IAEA discuss future cooperation. Zvorykinsky Project gets 60 participating projects in Moscow region.

RVC Seed Fund approves eight new projects. Altay region announces contest of innovative projects. Moscow region to set up three clusters. Skolkovo and Rostechnologies agree to cooperate. Business-incubator for 25 entrepreneurs opens in Perm. Mordovia and Khevel to develop solar energy in the region. Russian scientists introduce powerful laser diodes. MIPT announces the seventh Technocup.

Rusnano to teach in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Tomsk region to name best innovative companies. Backed by Rusnano consortium, Tomsk nanocoating start-up gets first sale. Rusnano and Novomet in joint submersible pump move.

Rostov device to treat depression? RF to make lightweight superconductor-based motor. In Tomsk, key anti-infectious drug ingredient production eyed. Neutron Technologies increases railroad safety. Pete nano-ceramics expansion. In Urals, innovative suits save lives and control weight.

Composite to become Skolkovo resident. Rostechnologies and Russian Electronics to cooperate. Reshetnev ISS to open research center in Skolkovo. Nanotekh to build nano-membranes plant in Vladimir. Skolkovo and Energia to set up Institute of Space Technologies. German Nanostart getting ready to manage Kama Fund Perviy. Urals scientists invent anti-drug vaccine. Urals scientists to watch health condition via mobile phones.

Petersburg business-incubator Ingria gets three new residents. Krasnoyarsk region eyes innovation technology cluster. Innovative business-incubator to open in Biysk, Altay region. Innovative airship Atlant to explore Arctic. Omsk region tests ash-cinder soil amelioration method. Nitol to build polycrystal silicon plant in Kazakhstan. IrSTU knows how to enhance metal strength. Premium Engineering becomes Skolkovo resident. Urals scientists invent low-radiation X-ray device. Bochvar Institute to set up Rosatom technological center.

Three innovative firms from Karachayevo-Cherkessia to get state support. Ministry of Emergency Situations and Skolkovo to provide security. Eximpack launches polymer processing complex in Krasnodar. Rusnano gets the first dividends from Ruskhimbio. R-Pharm and TPU to train pharmaceutical specialists. Siberian scientists suggest to make biodiesel from lake mud.

Khevel to equip the Ioffe Physical and Technical Institute. Tyulgan Electromechanical Plant launches wind mill. New sort of tea bred and patented in Adygeya. Russian scientists make solar batteries cheaper. Irkutskenergo approves Innovation Development Program. Sitno to launch business-incubator at poultry complex. Pete consortium develops alternative street lights.

Tuva to support innovations in three tenders. Rusnano and Domain Associates to launch pharmaceutical production. Siberian scientists find new way to treat liver cirrhosis. Gubkinsky town eye innovation and technology center. Siberian Airspace University and Skolkovo to set up business-incubator. Omsk scientists present innovative electric motor.

Omsk University scientists turn windows into solar batteries. Maxwell Photonics becomes Skolkovo resident. Donor blood to be evaluated with plastic microchip. Megafon to introduce 3D mobile phones. Skolkovo innovation center gets 21 new residents. Young scientists to enjoy social mortgage. Russia is to start producing five new medicine products. SibADI scientists invent systems to test bells and study air flows. Expert gives prizes to innovation projects and student teams.

Omsk scientists develop device to recruit special forces specialists. Rosatom and Rusnano to enter Sistema-Sarov Technopark. Chelyabinsk wind power developer Vertical enters Skolkovo. Altay Spring to build water plant in the Republic of Altay. Skolkovo eyes IBM development and research center. Soglasiye to build chemical complex in Belgorod region.

Petersburg eyes space technologies cluster. Tomsk scientists develop new fire extinguishing agent. Nanotechnologies Center opens in Kazan. Vologda region to set up IT technopark in Cherepovets. MMZ to launch light-diode systems production under Optogan technology. Kalmykia eyes third-generation syringes complex.

Krasnoyarsk region to switch agricultural transport to gas. Maslovsky industrial zone might receive SEZ status. Triada-TV launches digital broadcasting chain in Khabarovsk region. UI-UP to form the Urals coal chemical industrial cluster. Sverdlovsk region eyes nano-industry cluster by Rostselmash launches new Vector chain-tracks harvester. SAG to build pig complex in Buryatia. AP Leasing buys KamAZ to sell wheel disks division to Mefro Wheels. Pechora LNG seeks foreign investors.

Sibspark announces future superfast instrument prototype. Vologda, an innovation venue. Voronezhsintezkauchuk to expand production of thermoplastic rubber. Nano-prospects for Kemerovo coals. Kalmykian Broiler to build poultry farm in Kalmykia.

Yunona to build pharmaceuticals technopark in Chelyabinsk region. Sollers leaves Fiat at the altar and announces new marriage with Ford. Toyota, Mitsui and Sollers to launch car production in Vladivostok. Kuntsevo launches potato chips plant in Ryazan region.

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